As organizations migrate workloads to the cloud and use applications, they want to ensure they’re not introducing security risks or impacting user experience and performance. To keep up with digital innovations and business demands, cloud security architects and network architects need their applications to scale automatically and securely, for these applications and data centers to always be available and for security to not be a performance bottleneck. Fortinet has launched FortiADC 6.1 and FortiGSLB Cloud to accelerate applications while delivering advanced security services. 

Improve Application Performance with Advanced Security

Application delivery controllers (ADC) allow applications to scale more easily, to perform better, and to be more resilient. FortiADC offers multi-application load balancing, content routing and acceleration, as well as DDoS, IPS, defacement, cookie, DLP, and WAF security. FortiADC also provides SSL offload and remote inspection and firewall load balancing to further improve application performance. When deployed in a Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiADC can enhance security by adding scalability, availability and by using its location to detect and block threats before they get to your application server or firewall.

Meanwhile, FortiGSLB and FortiGSLB Cloud balance traffic between regions, clouds and data centers, improving performance and providing near instant fail-over in the event of an outage.

FortiADC and FortiGSLB: An Important Component of the Fortinet Security Fabric 

With the enhancements made to FortiADC and FortiGSLB Cloud as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, organizations can further enhance their security infrastructure. FortiADC and FortiGSLB Cloud integrate with FortiAnalyzer and FortiSIEM to automate actions across Fortinet solutions and FortiGate connectors to improve the performance and availability of FortiGate security services. Some key new functionalities include:

  • Improve end-user experience with SD-WAN traffic acceleration and optimization: FortiGSLB Cloud’s SD-WAN connector will automatically import FortiGate configuration and optimize SD-WAN traffic, automatically connecting inbound clients with the FortiGate providing the best performance, health, and location characteristics.
  • Increase the performance and availability of FortiGate VPN solutions: Many organizations have installed VPN endpoints in multiple regions to improve performance for remote workers. Clients currently manually choose the FortiGate to which they want to connect. FortiGSLB Cloud takes the guesswork out of connecting to the VPN – automatically routing VPN traffic to the best performing VPN gateway.
  • Meet availability SLAs with GSLB for FortiGate devices: FortiGSLB Cloud helps to ensure business continuity by tracking the health of FortiGate devices, providing seamless failover when one goes down.
  • Increase security and visibility with deep traffic inspection through SSLi: FortiADC SSLi decrypts traffic across all ports, enabling third party security devices to analyze enterprise traffic without compromising performance or security. 
  • Improve security responsiveness with Fortinet Automation Stitches: Automation Stitches allow FortiADC to trigger an action on a different Fortinet device. Events from any source in the Security Fabric are monitored, and action responses can be set up to any destination. These can trigger device scaling, changing security settings in the face of a likely cyberattack, or sending alerts through non-traditional messaging platforms. Automation stitches can also utilize cloud-based actions, such as AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

Securing Applications and Cloud Environments with the Security Fabric

The latest releases of FortiADC and FortiGSLB Cloud improve security by tightly integrating application delivery into the Fortinet Security Fabric. The release also improves Fortinet solutions like network firewall, SD-WAN, and secure remote access with connectors able to dynamically configure FortiADC and FortiGSLB to support Fortinet devices. Finally, the new release increases the visibility into network traffic with SSLi technology.

Learn more about FortiADC and explore how Fortinet’s dynamic cloud security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. 

Sourced from Fortinet

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