In collaboration with other cybersecurity leaders, Fight Fire with Fire also presents discussions around: 

  • The changing role of the CISO—moving from technologist to strategist.
  • CISO responsibilities and requirements, communicating to the board, building a culture of security, and the cyber threat landscape.
  • Cyber risk management, blending NOC and SOC, secure development, compliance, and supply chain risk.
  • Security in the cloud, IoT and edge security, security-driven networking, and achieving end-to-end security.
  • Diversity in cybersecurity: How to address the skills gap and grow a diverse workforce. 

Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies is an Essential Survival Guide for Security Leaders

Fight Fire is also borne from Fortinet’s continued focus to develop more cyber awareness—in this case, through key insights from leaders in the field—and help close the cyber skills gap by exposing more women to the industry. The result is a collaborative team effort involving many diverse cyber leaders and experts from government and the private sector. Thanks to their insightful contributions, thought leadership, dedication, and energy, we continue to push boundaries and make our cyber world safer and more secure. 

Fight Fire with Fire: Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies for Today’s Leaders (Wiley, October 2021, ISBN: 978-1-119-85426-5, $29.99, 240 pages). #CyberFireFight

Find out more about how Fortinet’s Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) and NSE Training Institute programs, including the Certification ProgramSecurity Academy Program and Veterans Program, are helping to solve the cyber skills gap and prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.

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