Digital innovation continues to be the catalyst for organizations shifting to the cloud. To stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape, organizations have evolved strategies to increase agility, flexibility, productivity and scalability for their applications and infrastructure.

Fortinet enables customers to securely achieve their digital innovations outcomes through all phases of their cloud journey by delivering adaptive cloud security solutions that lets customers secure any application on any cloud, hybrid cloud, and/or multi-cloud.

Fortinet today announced the release of a new cloud native container and Kubernetes security solution, FortiCWP Container Guardian, designed to secure container registries from vulnerabilities and scan for misconfigurations to secure Kubernetes workloads. 

Container Guardian: Evolution From Monolithic to Microservice Software Architectures

Traditional application development has evolved from using the monolithic software architecture to a more modular approach. By splitting applications into independent logical functions, or microservices, the use of container technology enables the portability of microservices across different public and private cloud environments.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, “70% or organizations will be running three or more containerized applications in production.”  

Modern Application Development and “Shifting Left”

Modern application delivery incorporates a continuous cycle of building, testing and deploying applications at a rapid pace. The ability to automate the orchestration of this process is critical. As part of this, the latest methodologies for building and deploying software applications have implemented a “Shift left” practice of embedding security early in the software development lifecycle.

These practices include rapid detection of vulnerabilities for images and misconfigurations, integrations with leading CI/CD tools to automate and manage build cycles, automated policy enforcement for response actions, and overall compliance to security best practices using industry leading benchmark baselines.

Fortinet’s FortiCWP Container Guardian technology is a Container-integrated security solution that provides deeper visibility into the security posture for container registries and images.

FortiCWP Container Guardian Benefits

Expanded Visibility

Container Guardian’s centralized dashboard provides Developers with visibility into container registries and image inventory with deeper insights into security posture for vulnerabilities and other security violations for all container images.

Vulnerability Management

FortiCWP Container Guardian actively scans container images for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations during the build process and enforces policies to prevent vulnerability propagation before images are deployed into container registries  

FortiCWP Container Guardian has integrations with other container-based platforms to scan for vulnerabilities and categorize risk levels by container repository.

Registries are continuously monitored and scanned for new vulnerabilities to provide continuous protection 

Integration Into DevOps Toolchain

FortiCWP Container Guardian integrates with common CI/CD tools to embed security testing into the software development cycle and enforces policies to control the build process.


FortiCWP Container Guardian performs continuous audits in containers and clusters to detect misconfigurations and other non-compliant security practices with policies to automate remediation or inform IT teams with remediation recommendations.

With FortiCWP Container Guardian, security is automated in the build and unit testing stages of the software development process. Vulnerability management tools expose risks so Administrators can take the proper action and prevent vulnerability propagation into other container registries. Security best practices are embedded in the configurations before deployment which benefits an organization by minimizing threat propagation and reducing the overall attack surface before containers are deployed. 

Fortinet’s Container Guardian is Key Component of the Fortinet Security Fabric

A critical need for most organizations to successfully drive digital innovations into and across clouds is the ability to leverage a comprehensive cybersecurity platform, such as Fortinet Security Fabric. The Fortinet Security Fabric enables customers to reduce complexity and risks, and provides for visibility and automation across their deployments.

Integrated into the Fortinet Security Fabric, Fortinet’s FortiCWP Container Guardian manages the risks of security misconfigurations, provides centralized visibility and administrative controls, and enhances compliance of Security best practices earlier in the development cycle. This integrates security and compliance in the DevSecOps workflow and across the container lifecycle. 

Learn how Fortinet’s adaptive cloud security solutions provide increased visibility and control across cloud infrastructures, enabling secure applications and connectivity from data center to cloud. 

Sourced from Fortinet

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