Successful cloud operations are built with a strong security foundation. As organizations migrate and operate business-critical workloads on AWS, designing and implementing effective security controls has become extremely important. While AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs all of the services offered in the AWS Cloud, security in the cloud is the responsibility of the customer as determined by the AWS Cloud services that a customer selects. Customers retain ownership and control of their data and are responsible for configuring and deploying security baselines within their environments. Fortinet security products available in AWS Marketplace have been widely adopted by customers. In addition to leading technology, customers have been asking for help with their overall security design and architecture that adhere to AWS security best practices.

Today, we are excited to announce the availability of Fortinet Consulting Services in AWS Marketplace to provide customers with a blueprint for comprehensive design and implementation best practices. To help organizations optimize their security, Fortinet’s new Consulting Services can provide customers with a roadmap to a comprehensive security architecture, design and security gap analysis for their AWS deployments. 

The Need for Security Consulting Services

While traditionally many organizations rely on their team’s security expertise to protect deployments in their data centers, the adoption of new technologies, such as public cloud and Kubernetes, has led to multifaceted hybrid environments. These new hybrid environments have introduced new considerations that require a different level of expertise than what many organizations have at their disposal. In fact, a recent Fortinet survey of security leaders found that the most difficult position to fill was cloud security architects. This knowledge gap makes it difficult for organizations to fill this critical role and their existing team is spread thin. To address this, organizations are increasingly relying on consultants to design, implement, and operate security solutions for their cloud deployments. They also rely on consultants to make assessments of their existing security posture to identify any potential gaps and opportunities to strengthen their security posture.

Fortinet Security Consulting Services on AWS Professional Services Marketplace

Fortinet collaborates closely with AWS services, including AWS Outposts, AWS Network Firewall, AWS Gateway Load Balancer, AWS Transit Gateway, and more. Fortinet’s Consulting Services team has in-depth knowledge of AWS deployments and services and can help customers with their AWS migration initiatives. Through its Consulting Services, Fortinet provides guidance on AWS security design, architecture, and implementation requirements from a trusted advisor standpoint. Having Fortinet’s services readily available through the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to engage the Fortinet consulting team. It also enables direct transaction through AWS Marketplace with the same familiar steps that customers use to purchase any third-party products available in AWS Marketplace. Other benefits of the new Fortinet Consulting Services in AWS Marketplace include:

Migrate workloads and applications to AWS securely—Many organizations understand the benefits of adopting cloud but security concerns have slowed down their migration projects. Fortinet Consulting Services helps customers develop cloud migration plans that do not overlook security concerns and instead focus on addressing customers’ security pain points.

Design network and application security with AWS best practices—While there are various ways to design solutions in AWS to protect workloads and applications, developing architectures that adhere to AWS security best practices should be a key consideration. Lack of investment in design and architecture early on often leads to costly security issues that may require rearchitecting the overall design in the future. The Fortinet consulting team will work with customers to design network and application security architectures based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework that fits customers’ deployments. It also provides training workshops to augment customers’ expertise in these areas.

Build end-to-end automation using Infrastructure-as-Code methodology—Automation capabilities are increasingly important for customers when deciding on a security solution in the cloud. It simplifies provisioning resources and enables the deployment of security configuration in a repeatable manner. The Fortinet consulting team helps customers build an end-to-end automated security solution leveraging AWS CloudFormation. Customers can also implement automation that integrates with their existing automation framework such as Terraform, which is a cloud agnostic tool.

Assess cloud security posture—Most AWS deployments in production evolve to multiple VPCs and multiple accounts. This introduces added complexities that can potentially lead to design flaws. By offering cloud security assessments, Fortinet Consulting Services helps customers identify possible gaps in their AWS deployments and potential risks. Additionally, customers receive recommendations based on the assessment findings to help mitigate misconfigurations and enhance customers’ security posture.

Fortinet Consulting Services Is Your Cloud Security Trusted Advisor

Fortinet Consulting Services will outline a comprehensive security roadmap for cloud customers. From planning secure cloud migrations to developing design and architecture to implementing automation, and conducting a cloud security assessment, Fortinet is a trusted advisor for customers, assisting them for the entire life cycle of their projects. The availability of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace helps customers easily access the Fortinet Consulting Services in a more flexible and programmatic way.

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