Today, Fortinet is announcing the availability of FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service, delivered on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle’s next-generation enterprise cloud. This further expands Fortinet’s Adaptive Cloud Security offerings to enable customers to secure any application on any cloud. Customers who want to leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s high performance computing power to host their web and ERP applications and want to expand their security offerings to include Fortinet can now enjoy the benefits of FortiWeb Cloud’s machine-learning enabled web application firewall and API protection, delivered on the same cloud infrastructure where their applications reside. With machine learning, bot mitigation, API protection, and CDN capabilities built in, FortiWeb Cloud delivers a full web application and API protection (WAAP) solution that can streamline your security operations and accelerate the transformation of your business with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

FortiWeb Cloud on Oracle Cloud

When you subscribe to FortiWeb Cloud to further protect your web applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, FortiWeb Cloud scrubs your web application and API traffic using multi-tenant scrubbing centers deployed in OCI. Whether you’re looking for protection against the OWASP Top 10 to meet compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, need to defend against sophisticated attackers employing the latest zero-day exploits, or require security for your internet-facing web APIs, FortiWeb Cloud on Oracle Cloud offers the protection your business-critical applications require. And because the solution is delivered on the same cloud infrastructure where you host your application, the solution minimizes latency, maximizes performance, and addresses the potential for regulatory complications that using an external WAF as a Service might introduce. 

Organizations increasingly rely on web applications for the full range of line-of-business applications:  interacting with customers, enhancing collaboration and productivity, managing data and workflows, and putting critical information and services at everyone’s fingertips. The use of DevOps methodologies to rapidly and continuously deploy the latest code means that these applications evolve at a rapid pace, and so does their attack surface. To roll out new applications and capabilities to support your key business initiatives, you need security solutions that are both easy to manage and easy to deploy. That’s where FortiWeb Cloud powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help, complementing Oracle’s native security offerings.

The Key Benefits of FortiWeb Cloud

Some of the key benefits from using FortiWeb Cloud WAF as a Service include:

  • FortiWeb Cloud protects your web applications using WAF scrubbing centers deployed on the same cloud infrastructure where your application resides, which reduces complexity, minimizes latency, and simplifies regulatory compliance.
  • FortiWeb Cloud WAF removes the security friction that can slow down application deployment, making it is easier for DevOps and DevSecOps teams to adopt a robust security solution while allowing them to keep their focus on delivering business value. And because the system is easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to manage, security teams can likewise focus on higher value tasks while their applications are protected against known and zero-day threats – without adding excess overhead.
  • FortiWeb Cloud delivers a simplified onboarding process. As a SaaS solution, there is no infrastructure to deploy, configure, or manage. FortiWeb Cloud WAF also includes a simplified default configuration right out of the box, with access to advanced configurations for customers who need them. And by taking advantage of public cloud elasticity, it can be deployed in minutes – which means it is ready to go by the time the DNS changes that redirect traffic to the WAF have propagated.
  • FortiWeb Cloud keeps pace with your rapidly evolving applications using Machine Learning (ML) to dynamically learn each application based on live traffic analysis. Using a continually updated model of your real-world application behavior as a baseline, the solution detects anomalous behavior that requires deeper inspection. Using ML, FortiWeb tailors a unique defense for protecting each specific application, blocking threats while minimizing the false positives that drive administrative overhead and that can interfere with the end user experience.

Key Takeaways of FortiWeb Cloud

Protecting your applications deployed on Oracle Cloud with FortiWeb Cloud enables your organization to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-native SaaS web application and API solution provisioned in the same region as your application, providing low latency, a simplified regulatory environment, and reduced bandwidth costs. It also enables your DevOps team to take full advantage of the agility of the public cloud while relieving them of routine security maintenance and management tasks. As a result, full-featured web application security can now be deployed with minimal configuration and management, allowing your organization to proactively participate in today’s digital marketplace and business environment without ever compromising performance, agility, or security.

Learn more about FortiWeb Cloud on Oracle Marketplace.

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