The lack of cohesion between different security deployments often results in a lack of centralized visibility into critical service configurations, activities, network traffic, security events, and data hygiene. This challenge is compounded further as their business extends its presence across multiple public cloud provider platforms.

To help organizations address this fundamental cloud security issue, Fortinet has just introduced FortiCWP  – a Cloud Workload Protection solution designed to help customers assure compliance and mitigate risks associated with IaaS-based applications. It enables organizations to regain visibility and control over their dynamic multi-cloud infrastructure by providing the industry’s most integrated and dynamic multi-cloud security posture management solution.

Cross-Solution Integration

FortiCWP has been deeply integrated into multiple public cloud infrastructures – including using cloud native APIs from AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure – to assess configurations, monitor activity in cloud accounts, analyze and scan data, monitor cloud network traffic, and provide comprehensive compliance reports. 

To ensure it is always running up-to-the-minute security insights, FortiCWP is also integrated with FortiGuard Labs to receive regular and timely threat intelligence updates. It is also integrated with FortiSandbox to analyze data stored in the cloud for malicious content. When combined, these FortiCWP services provide unprecedented visibility and control over the state of cloud security, even across multi-cloud infrastructures, enabling security teams to see and manage their cloud environments with confidence.

Addressing Critical Cloud Security Challenges

Specifically, FortiCWP addresses several of the most critical challenges facing organizations tasked with securing their cloud environments.

  • To address the lack of visibility into cloud configuration and account activities, FortiCWP leverages its tight integration with the leading public cloud providers – Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform to scan configurations and setting and to compare them with best practices, compliance regimes and corporate policy.
  • As the industry’s most integrated dynamic cloud security visibility solution due to its Fabric-based integration with a Fortinet’s Multi-Cloud Dashboard, it enables security teams to seamlessly manage security across multiple cloud platforms.
  • FortiCWP supports the “shared security model of any cloud deployment by looking at configuration settings of the cloud vendor as well as those of the organization.
  • FortiCWP addresses the challenge of ungoverned cloud data with high-capacity cloud-based DLP and malicious content inspection.
  • FortiCWP helps organizations assure they are compliant with industry specific security standards by comparing activity and configurations with policies require by standards including PCI, HIPPA, SOX, GDPR, ISO 27001, and NIST.

The First Fully Integrated Cloud Security Solution

When FortiCWP is combined with FortiGate VM for Ingress/egress cloud security and FortiWeb for Web Application and API Protection, they form the only integrated cloud security solution addressing network security, web application security, and cloud platform security in a comprehensive and tightly integrated solution. Its support for IaaS based applications also makes it the perfect complement to FortiCASB, which is designed to provide management, visibility, and control for SaaS-based applications.

By leveraging these integrated solutions, organizations can now extend the expertise of their security teams into the cloud, enabling them to effectively mitigate risk across their continuously evolving digital innovation landscape.

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