The Fortinet Security-Driven Networking Difference

5G offers up to ten times the speed of conventional LTE, empowering the rigorous connectivity and availability requirements for industrial systems, hyperconnected city networks, and multi-site retail locations that were not possible with LTE cellular connectivity. However, scaling operations outward with 5G connectivity requires security designed to keep pace. And this is a significant challenge facing enterprises. That’s because most security systems simply can’t sustain support for true 5G performance. And worse, most solution providers today provide either 5G connectivity or network security services, not both. 

At Fortinet, we see networking and security as inseparable. Our Security-driven Networking strategy is defined by a next generation approach that tightly integrates the network and security infrastructure so that both WAN and WWAN expansion can happen at scale without ever compromising an organization’s risk posture. This unified approach is essential for effectively defending today’s highly dynamic 5G ecosystems. 

Introducing FortiExtender 511F – 5G Connectivity for SD-WAN and SASE

FortiExtender has long been a key part of Fortinet’s Security-driven Networking solution, offering secure and resilient LTE connectivity for enterprise, retail, and other multi-site ecosystems. However, with the introduction of Fortinet’s new 5G product—FortiExtender 511F—end users now have the ability to leverage the power of Fortinet’s enterprise-grade security at every edge coupled with the low latency and ultra-fast speed of 5G. 

In addition to the pure performance that 5G offers, FortiExtender also provides unique integration capabilities through Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN offering. This unified connectivity and security solution allows users to simplify operations at the WAN edge with integrated next-generation firewall (NGFW) functionally and advanced networking capabilities to enforce SD-WAN SLAs to maintain optimal user experience while maintaining enterprise-grade protection. While FortiExtender provides secure, high-performance 5G connectivity to the WAN infrastructure, Secure SD-WAN enables deep application identification, including for encrypted traffic, and advanced application and networking capabilities, such as dynamic multi-path steering and self-healing connections, to ensure that organizations are able to quickly and easily access business-critical applications everywhere. Fortinet is the only vendor to provide integrated SD-WAN, NGFW, and 5G controller operating through a common operating system, FortiOS, for maximum interoperability, and all managed by single console. And in keeping with the need for extended wireless connectivity, FortiExtender can also play a key role in enabling SASE for thin branch locations with FortiSASE. Simply deploy the FortiExtender 5G appliance at any branch office, remote site, or retail location to roll out world-class security delivered in the cloud. 

Why Fortinet?

The introduction of the 5G FortiExtender solution marks the end of the disparity between 5G connectivity and network security solution vendors. With 5G connectivity provided by Fortinet, the enterprise can turn to a single vendor to connect, secure, and optimize their end-to-end 5G ecosystem.

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