Fortinet is once again holding its annual Accelerate conference in digital format this year. Accelerate 2021 Digital Edition consists of three online events, each targeted at a different global region, on the following dates:

Registration is free and open now to anyone interested in Fortinet products and solutions. Event activities include keynotes and sessions with virtual interaction opportunities.

Keynote Speakers

This year’s conference will deliver thought-provoking keynotes centered on maximizing knowledge of various cybersecurity concepts and industry trends. Fortinet executives Ken Xie, Patrice Perche, John Maddison, and Robert May will share insights and expertise on security challenges and the solutions required to address them.

Breakout Sessions

In addition to the executive-led keynotes, conference participants can choose from a number of breakout sessions designed to help attendees understand the cybersecurity challenges facing organizations and learn about the security solutions required to navigate the current (and future) threat landscape. 

Some of the sessions include the following, there are many more listed online: 

  • “The Road to Self-Healing SD-WAN: From Flexible Edges to Cloud Edge”: In this session, attendees can learn about the need for SD-WAN to enable self-healing networks from the Edge to the cloud. Additionally, participants will discover why over 30,000 WAN Edge customers trust Fortinet’s organically-developed Secure SD-WAN solution. 
  • “Secure Access from Anywhere: Why the Network Edge is the Cloud Edge”: This session will center on how the transition to remote work has changed the enterprise network—from the data center to the cloud. In this session, attendees will trace the evolution of WAN edge security trends and technologies and learn about new solution offerings within Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).
  • “Zero Trust Network Access: The Next Step for VPNs and Application Access Control”: This session will cover how Fortinet is expanding its Zero Trust solutions to include Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities. During this session, attendees will learn how ZTNA replaces traditional VPN tunnels with a way to access applications more easily and securely. 
  • “Securing Any Application on Any Cloud”: This session provides an overview of how cloud security plays a critical role in enabling digital innovation. Learn about the broader attack surface in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, the different security approaches required, and how Fortinet’s Cloud Security solutions deliver seamless and consistent security for any application on any cloud.
  • “Fully-Automatable XDR Across the Security Fabric”: Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is an emerging technology combining individual security products as a seamless whole. Fortinet’s recently announced FortiXDR is a cloud-native extension to the Security Fabric that adds out-of-the-box analytics, AI-powered investigation, and automatable response. 
  • “Simplify NOC/SOC with Security Fabric Automation”: This session will present the Fortinet Security Fabric NOC/SOC solution as a unified console with network security automation and orchestration capabilities. 

See a full list of sessions and register here

Join Fortinet for Accelerate 2021

Those interested in attending the Digital Edition of Accelerate 2021 can register now and begin planning which sessions they would like to virtually attend.  

What: Accelerate 2021
Where: Online Event – free of charge
When: March 9 (Americas), March 10 (EMEA), March 11 (APAC/Japan) 

Learn more about the Accelerate 2021 online events and register today. Follow us and engage on social media using #Accelerate21.

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