From May 17 to 21, cybersecurity experts from around the world will gather virtually to learn from some of the world’s top cybersecurity experts and thought leaders—and to connect with others in the industry, make new contacts, and forge new business relationships. With over 200 sessions in 24 tracks, and 19 keynotes, this year’s RSA Conference provides a forum for security experts to engage and share knowledge, drive innovation, and develop partnerships. This year’s RSA Conference theme is resilience

Fortinet Booth Delivers Solutions for Digital Innovation Challenges

Fortinet is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of this year’s conference, and will be hosting a virtual booth as part of the RSA Digital Expo. This year’s booth will focus on a solution to the splintered and complex security infrastructures caused by digital innovation: convergence. Organizations are accelerating their digital innovation initiatives to keep up with today’s ever-evolving landscape, often leading to stretched networks, inconsistent policy enforcement, and an overflow of applications supporting every aspect of the business. 

Additionally, Fortinet will be providing four briefings available for viewing in the On Demand section of RSA’s website, easily accessible for attendees to view at their convenience. Topics for these briefings include:   

  • Rethinking Security for the New World: Protect Any User in Any Location at Any Scale
  • Securing SAP Migrations to the Cloud
  • FortiSASE: Fortinet Security Delivered from the Cloud
  • Fortinet’s New ZTNA Agent and Access Proxy

Birds of Feather Session

Fortinet will also be moderating a Birds of a Feather session, “AI in the SOC: What it Can & Can’t, Should & Shouldn’t Do.” Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great promise for cybersecurity and is being applied many ways. One of those places is the Security Operations Center (SOC), which is often awash in growing volumes of security information while at the same time significantly constrained in regard to people time and skill. This session will focus on what AI can, indeed, effectively handle as part of the security operations function. At 40 minutes long, this interactive round-table discussion is designed to allow conference speakers and attendees to connect and share their knowledge in an intimate setting.

May 17, 2021
10:35 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.
Speaker: Roy Katmor, General Manager, Endpoint Solutions, Fortinet
Session ID: BOF4-M08

Breakout Sessions for AI and the Hybrid Workforce

Nirav Shah, VP of Product Marketing at Fortinet, will be delivering a breakout session entitled, “Empowering Hybrid Workforce with Security-Driven Networking for All Edges.” As a result of the ongoing pandemic, the modern enterprise network strategy has to be reimagined. Secure remote access has presented itself as the one of the weakest links in most security strategies, and with the rising conversations around hybrid and remote work, a solution is needed. This session explores how security-driven networking can provide a solution to the ongoing telework challenge, while providing secure access to all users across all edges. 

May 17, 2021
2:45 p.m. – 3:25 p.m.
Speaker: Nirav Shah, Vice President, Product Marketing, Fortinet
Session ID: SPO1-M17

Roy Katmor, GM of Endpoint Solutions, and Udi Yavo, CTO of Endpoint Solutions at Fortinet will be hosting a breakout session on “Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Incident Response Function.” Security analysts are experiencing a short supply of experienced professionals with vitals skills needed for the role. In this session, they will discuss what AI models can (and can’t) do to assist in incident investigation and response, complementing seasoned pros and how to build, train, and evaluate models to identify artifacts related to an incident, correlate incidents into multi-stage cyberattacks, classify those attacks, and provide recipes to remediate. 

May 18
1:30 p.m. – 2:10 p.m.
Speakers: Roy Katmor, GM of Endpoint Solutions, and Udi Yavo, CTO of Endpoint Solutions, Fortinet
Session ID: SPO1-T15

Join Us Online at This Year’s RSA

Be sure to join Fortinet’s virtual booth to learn how security and networking convergence can drive digital innovation and how the Fortinet Security Fabric platform addresses the challenges it creates. Don’t miss the breakout sessions on the hybrid workforce and AI, led by our security experts. 

Schedule a phone meeting with a Fortinet Security Advisor to discuss how adding Fortinet to your cybersecurity infrastructure can help your organization.

Find out how the Fortinet Security Fabric platform delivers broad, integrated, and automated protection across an organization’s entire digital attack surface to deliver consistent security across all networks, endpoints, and clouds.

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