Applications have increasingly become one of the primary ways organizations deliver key capabilities to their employees, customers, and business partners. For business-critical workflows, organizations look to enable access from any device from anywhere that the user can access an internet connection. As fewer line-of-business applications lack a public facing interface, this easy access helps enhance productivity and reduces operational friction. However, many times these mission critical applications that organizations and users rely on are directly exposed to untrusted networks and are increasingly exposed via public facing web applications and APIs, with security implications that must be addressed.

Fortinet recently partnered with CyberSecurity Insiders to conduct a global survey of cybersecurity professionals to help understand the challenges security professionals face as their organizations increase both the number of applications deployed and the pace at which these applications change. In this blog we outline the key findings and takeaways uncovered in the report and how the Fortinet Security Fabric’s Adaptive Cloud Security offerings can help organizations with these challenges.

Top of Mind Concerns When Securing Applications

The CyberSecurity Insiders 2021 Application Security Report commissioned by Fortinet interviewed more than 300 security professionals globally. In the past year, with more remote workers than ever before, organizations had to rely on applications to ensure their business and critical workflows weren’t interrupted. Unsurprisingly, 48% of respondents had more than 100 unique applications running in their environment, with 26% reporting more than 500 unique applications. This explosion of applications has compounded existing challenges that security teams face when it comes to securing applications. Key takeaways from the Application Security report include:

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