Keep Kids Safe Online: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security 

Fortinet places a heavy focus on spreading cyber awareness through our NSE Training Institute and skills gap initiatives. As part of this effort, I co-wrote “Cyber Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security,” a book written to educate our youth about internet safety. Through this initiative, Fortinet is continuing its commitment to educating the global community on cyber safety, regardless of age, background or life experiences. Just as security affects everyone, cybercriminals target any vulnerability they can find, with no interest in their victim’s demographic. This book is an initiative of Fortinet’s skills gap work, focusing on building cyber awareness from an early age to help create a safer environment online for all. 

“Cyber Safe: A Dog’s Guide to Internet Security,” aims to raise cyber awareness amongst children in elementary and middle school, and takes readers on a journey to learn how to stay secure online. The book is centered around a cyber smart dog, Lacey, who teaches her cat friend Gabbi how to use the Internet safely. The book provides a easy-to-understand introduction to possible dangers for children connecting online for school, video games, streaming shows, and more. The book also includes a guide for parents with details on what they should be looking out for when their children are online. Copies of the book will be available to elementary and middle schools across the country to further cement a strong foundation of cyber safety knowledge in children. 

How to Keep Kids Safe Online Through a Culture of Cyber Awareness

In addition to the book on how to keep kids safe online, Fortinet offers free cyber awareness courses – NSE 1 and NSE 2 – through the NSE Training Institute for anyone interested in building their knowledge of cybersecurity and is for all age groups, including young children. The NSE Training courses complement the information provided in the children’s book, providing foundational cyber awareness courses for children to learn about bad actors and put their learning to the test through levels NSE 1 and NSE 2.

Find out more about Fortinet’s NSE Training Institute programs, including the Certification ProgramSecurity Academy Program and Veterans Program, which provide critical cybersecurity training and education to help solve the cyber skills gap and prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.

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