Winners of Fortinet’s Ultimate Fabric Challenge 2021 

Partners are the backbone of Fortinet’s success, engaging with customers, providing expert guidance, adding critical value, and driving sales worldwide. The high quality of our top-rated customer experience reflects their hard work and dedication—and that includes their active participation in our innovative training offerings.

Regardless of a partner’s focus or route to market, Fortinet’s NSE Training Institute provides the skills and knowledge they need to successfully sell, configure, deploy, and maintain our portfolio of sophisticated security solutions.

Fortinet’s NSE Training Institute is one example of the training our partners receive from Fortinet. The NSE Training Institute enables partner success through:

  • Network Security Expert (NSE) certification training that develops new skills, reskills seasoned professionals, or upskills the security knowledge of sales teams and systems engineers.  
  • Just-in-Time training that advises participants on the latest advancements for keeping customers safe from today’s continuously evolving threat landscape. 
  • Fast Track Workshops that provide timely insight into the distinct value customers need when deploying Fortinet solutions across their organization. 
  • Fast Track workshops that enable expert-level partners and distributors to deliver customized training to their customers, including no-cost lab access for all participants. 

But the NSE Training Institute’s partner training is not complete without our highly anticipated Fortinet XPERTS Summit events. These regional training events are organized for our partners to provide a deep dive into the latest information on Network Security, Cloud Security, Security Operations, and Zero Trust Access—and have a little fun along the way.

While the week includes an intense training regimen, Fortinet also ensures that partners have a great time learning and networking by adding a little healthy competition to the experience.

Fortinet hosts the Ultimate Fabric Challenge at each of our XPERTS Summit events, a skills-based competition that consists of teams competing against the clock, and each other, to complete several technical challenges in a “capture-the-flag” style competition. The challenge is designed to test their mastery of Fortinet security solutions combined with our partners’ ability to successfully configure protections against the latest cyber threats. Ultimate Fabric Challenge events cover SD-WAN, Incident Response, Zero Trust, and more. 

But what is competition without a little well-earned recognition?

Congratulations to the regional winners of the 2021 Ultimate Fabric Challenge Competitions. Each winner is offered a seat to compete at Fortinet’s Accelerate 2022 Conference, where one team will be crowned Fortinet’s Ultimate Fabric Challenge 2022 Global Champion!

Ultimate Fabric Challenge 2021 Regional 1st Place Winners:

  • XPERTS Summit APAC:

Ben Le Huray (NSE 7), Ingram Micro (Australia) Ltd.

Amal Iddawela (NSE 4), Ingram Micro (Australia) Ltd.

  • XPERTS Summit Canada:

Thom Spring (NSE 7), iTBlueprint Solution

Trevor Corness (NSE 7), Secure Links

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 1:

Lucas Bacon (NSE 8), Swisscom

Flavio Boniforti (NSE 8), First Frame Networks

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 2:

Sven de Bruin (NSE 8), Pinewood

Bart Sikkes (NSE 7), Pinewood

  • XPERTS Summit LATAM:

Rafael Rosseto (NSE 7), Protega-Security Solutions

  • XPERTS Summit USA East Coast:

David Moore (NSE 5), Green Cloud Defense

Joshua Crotinger (NSE 7), Green Cloud Defense

  • XPERTS Summit USA West Coast:

Sarah Ryba (NSE 7), Liquid Networx

Nathan Carnahan (NSE 4), Perry proTECH

Ultimate Fabric Challenge 2021 Regional 2nd Place Winners:

  • XPERTS Summit APAC:

Andryan Tanamire (NSE 7), Packet Systems

Priyanto (NSE 4), Astel Sistem Teknologi

  • XPERTS Summit Canada:

Philippe Gagne (NSE 7), Androide

Stephane Auger (NSE 4), Equipe Microfix

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 1:

Maurice Huits (NSE 7), Simac IT NL

Quinten Dekkers (NSE 7), Simac IT NL

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 2:

Guillaume Dupuis (NSE 8), BT Services

Maxime Tournier (NSE 7), Dataguard

  • XPERTS Summit LATAM:

Samuel Alcal (NSE 7), IP Expert IPX

Marcos Rodriguez (NSE 7), IP Expert IPX

  • XPERTS Summit USA East Coast:

Donald Hand (NSE 4), Comtec Systems

Vadim Nikiforov (NSE 4), ISSquared Inc.

  • XPERTS Summit USA West Coast:

Robert Loehmann, SymQuest

Aimee Carter (NSE 4), SymQuest

Ultimate Fabric Challenge 2021 Regional 3rd Place Winners:

  • XPERTS Summit APAC:

Kenny Ho (NSE 7), Integrated Global Solutions

Hoi Kit Cheung (NSE 7), Icon Business Systems

  • XPERTS Summit Canada:

Keven Dushesneau (NSE 7 in progress), GoSecure

Michael Turcotte (NSE 4), Neopos

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 1:

Martijn Van Hoof (NSE 5), Simac IT NL

Frank Raa (NSE 7), Raa Network Security

  • XPERTS Summit EMEA 2:

Dimitris Kalaitzidakis (NSE 7), Swisscom

Bruno Fernandez (NSE 7), Swisscom

  • XPERTS Summit LATAM:

Edson Dino Salvati (NSE 7), Integrasul Solucoes em Informatica LTDA

  • XPERTS Summit USA East Coast:

Randolph Rawl (NSE 5), Alliance Technology

Joshua Philips (NSE 7), GLS, Inc.

  • XPERTS Summit USA West Coast:

Greg Woodson (NSE 7), Meriplex

Kevin Jones (NSE 7), ePlus Technologies

Find out more about how Fortinet’s Training Advancement Agenda (TAA) and NSE Training Institute programs, including the Certification ProgramSecurity Academy Program and Veterans Program, are helping to solve the cyber skills gap and prepare the cybersecurity workforce of tomorrow.

Sourced from Fortinet

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