Change is inevitable, but nowhere is it more critical than in the healthcare space. The creation and integration of new technologies across healthcare systems has presented new benefits for patient, improving care, delivering better services, and saving and extending lives. It has also opened the door for cybercriminals to access critical data and attack crucial medical infrastructure and the growing Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). As IT teams work to improve relationships and care models between patients and their doctors, threat actors have been developing new ways to exploit these technological links.

At HIMSS 2020, attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about not only what is changing in healthcare but also what they can do to effectively, and securely, manage this shift. At this year’s conference, Fortinet will join over 1,300 exhibitors and nearly 45,000 attendees from over 90 countries to discuss the latest in healthcare IT security and network expansion.

HIMSS 2020 Conference

HIMSS 2020 takes place March 9 – 13 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. As a veteran exhibitor, Fortinet is proud to be joining other experts across the healthcare space to discuss the security implications of new technologies as they sweep across the industry. Join us to enjoy all that this event has to offer, including keynote speeches, educational sessions, and hands-on experiences designed to expand attendees’ knowledge of healthcare-related topics and technologies. 

As with previous events, attendees can meet our team of experts on the exhibit floor, this year at booth #4165. In addition to presenting demonstrations of our range of healthcare security solutions, Fortinet team members will also be onsite for in-person meetings. Those interested in this opportunity can schedule a meeting here.

Securing Evolving Networks in Healthcare

Technical innovation continues to be a major catalyst for what sets the healthcare industry apart. Through the introduction of new technologies, hospitals can better communicate with their patients, monitor their conditions, and provide critical care in real time. Digital services such as telemedicine and connected medical devices are nothing new within the industry, yet this does not make them any less susceptible to cyberattacks. 

Considering the level of network activity and bandwidth that is required to support these technology-based services, it is essential that healthcare IT teams take an active role in securing these mission-critical systems. When establishing a plan of action, security teams must consider what their networks require to not only stay secure, but also remain available and efficient.

Prioritization of Cyber Hygiene

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace change, security teams and IT experts must establish security hygiene best practices across their organizations to eliminate vulnerabilities in both IoMT devices as well as more traditional network components and devices. Taking the time to inventory existing assets, identify and prioritize key vulnerabilities that impact those devices, track a wider scope of threats, and merge all the various elements of a network into a unified security fabric will ensure that healthcare networks can see, withstand, and respond to sophisticated threats, both externally and internally.

With an emphasis on improving the healthcare space and embracing change, HIMSS 2020 will help attendees expand their knowledge of this subject and ensure they can secure their environments while meeting their patients’ evolving demands. 

Final Thoughts

The healthcare industry has always been one that embraces change as a means of improving patient care and communication. As the space continues to evolve, Fortinet is also ready to support those organizations that need more than just technology to keep their patients protected. It is for this reason that Fortinet continues to participate and attend HIMSS each year, meeting with attendees to also help them better understand their challenges and to establish an effective course of action for cybersecurity that combines planning, design, implementation, and optimization strategies with new security technologies to ensure a holistic security strategy. Our team is looking forward to joining with other industry experts at HIMSS 2020 to discuss the latest in healthcare IT innovation and what can be done to secure it.

What: HIMSS 2020

Where: Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, Florida

When: March 9 – 13 

Attendees can meet with Fortinet team members one-on-one to learn more about a range of solutions for securing the healthcare industry, including our Security Fabric, Secure SD-WAN, FortiNAC, FortiSwitch, and FortiAP solutions.

Find available slots and schedule a time to meet with our team by visiting this page.  

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